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Welcome to the Pyramid Generator!

Besides having the ability to create money, the generator is the ULTIMATE tool to systematically manage risk and reward! Change your tactics from sporadic investment "pot shots"…. to a live fighting force modelled on the United States Armed Forces!

Create your own "Armada" of buy and sell points for any investment that has a market, and create pyramids of "battle ships" and pyramids of "foot soldiers".

Whether you are a professional trader using tight stop losses, or a technical trader looking to scale in the changes in moving averages, or just a novice investor, you all stand you gain a new feeling of control and security as you face the markets each day.

You will now be guided in a step by step process to create a pyramid of buy and sell orders. You will first be guided in the preparation of your total risk capital, then move on to the allocation of that capital to your market "weapons and fighters". With absolute precision.

You can use the pyramid to scale into a position using very tight and frequent increments as a day trader, or to buy only occasionally as a long term position investor.

You have the ability to modify your weaponry, you buy and sell points. And the capital you allocate to them. You can export everything to Microsof EXCEL and file your pyramids on your computer. Then take your time and sculpt and hone your pyramids to suit your personality, your own risk/reward profile! You can have a "gold" pyramids folder. A "food and energy" folder. You can print them out or store them on disks or in your computer!

You are the boss. You are in control. You are now a "mini banker"!

Buying and selling in the market like the major bank owner families!

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